Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Former FEMA Head Resigns - but is still paid?

This is just going to be a blurb, but does anyone else find it outrageous that Mike Brown is still on FEMA's payroll? Now, instead of heading the organization, he's lending his immense knowledge as a FEMA consultant.

What should anyone else expect from the Bush Administration? After all, Brown had no credentials to lead the nation's responce to a disaster to begin with. But, Bush loves his cronies. The sad part about this story is Brown never should have been the head of FEMA in the first place. It just goes to show you how little faith President Bush has in the government. He doesn't view government as an answer, only as a way to get power. Therefore, you see him make highly questionable appointments to beaurocratic organizations like FEMA because he doesn't view them as important. You see President Bush place as our chief ambassidor to the United Nations someone who clearly can't stand the United Nations.

Why do people who hate the government decide it worthwhile to become important members of the government? Twenty years ago one could say it would be to make the government smaller. However, the so-called conservatives have been in power for over five years and have held the Senate and House for quite a bit longer. The government hasn't shrunk; it's become vastly larger. A more likely answer to the question, other than creating small government, is trying to reap every possible benifit for every possible friend you can before these officials are held accountable for their actions. Be it massive pork deals, government payouts to the oil and health industries or appointments of friends to important positions in the government that require a high degree of specific skills, this government is a government that is interested only in itself. By the time these shmucks have been voted out of office, arrested, impeached or forced to resign will sane people even be able to fix the government? Has there been too much damage already? Time will only tell. But, in the meantime, it's safe to say Brown has got to go.

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