Thursday, October 20, 2005

100 Hits

I just wanted to thank all my readers now that I've broken 100 hits since I started counting. The speed at which I've done this is remarkable - I've been averaging about 8-10 readers each weekday. While that doesn't sound like that many, there are literally millions of blogs out there. I can't remember where I read it, but something like 30-40% of people on the internet keep some sort of a blog. A lot of people have more than one. It has been very exciting to watch that bar tick up to a hundred since I put it in. Just as exciting has been the fact that people are willing to read and respond to my entries: I encourage every reader to give me feedback and debate my positions. I cannot be a progressive if I am not willing to listen other to other perspectives and positions.

This site will likely change as more readers reach this website. I will do more to spruce it up. I'd like to hit over a 1,000 visits by my birthday in April! If anyone is a wiz at html and would like to send me some hints, I would greatly appreciate it! I can be contacted at U underscore R1Adams at UMASSD dot edu (I wrote it out so I don't get bots checking my website looking for email addresses as spam, sorry for the confusion). If any bloggers are reading and would like to offer tips or link any of my stuff to their sites, I would be thrilled!

My site will also change in content. As I get more readers, I'll try to also include more substantive information instead of all the latest information on Delay, Rove and neo-cons in the government. However, that will have to wait for now because of the urgency of Iraq, the Frist, Delay and Plamegate scandals.

However, in part through the efforts of millions of progressives, people like Tom Delay aren't getting away with it anymore. A warrant was issued for his arrest! The President isn't getting away with it anymore, even the media is starting to care about this country. Things are looking up!

Remember, especially as local elections near, to look progressive candidates. Look for candidates who see that over a million of American children are homeless and want to do something positive about it. Find candidates who realize that colleges are becoming too expensive for the ordinary student to attend. Find candidates who actually want to do something about the corporations who are willing to ruin America for corporate profit. Find candidates who are truly pro-life and don't see stem-cells as some big political game, only tools that be used to help people; candidates who value life by finding the electric chair morally reprehensible or insanely stupid (as it doesn't lower crime rates). If you can't find anyone who meets these noble standards, then run yourself!

This is our America too. It's time for progressives to have their say.

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