Thursday, October 27, 2005

The Criminalization of Politics

The Republican Talking Points being tossed around the country includes, at the top of the list, the "criminalization of politics."

They think the criminalization of politics is when a Special Prosecutor goes after someone for a trivial crime - like perjury or obstruction of justice. Where were they when Bill Clinton was impeached for those very things? They didn't stand up for him and call it a criminalization of politics back then. It wasn't a criminalization of politics back then and it isn't so now.

Here's what a criminalization of politics really is: outing a CIA agent to get political revenge for revealing an administration's lies which helped lead the country into a conflict which has cost 2,000 lives. Tom Delay has been complaining about a criminalization of politics too - - but he is a criminal in politics. The criminalization of politics is when a politician abuses the system and breaks the law to gain political power, not when a prosecutor goes after these crook-politicians.

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