Thursday, October 06, 2005

Delay is not Alone

One would hope Republicans would eventually get it, but they don't. Why continue to place shady crooks to leadership positions?

Tom Delay's temporary replacement, assuming Delay doesn't go to jail, is none other than Representative Roy Blunt. Who is Roy Blunt? Well, let's see...

-Roy Blunt's PAC to fund his campaigns, Rely On Your Beliefs (ROYB), is led by none other than Jim Ellis. Jim Ellis, coincidentally, was indicted for money laundering (along with Tom Delay) for his work with the PAC Delay set up that got him in so much trouble - Texans for a Republican Majority.

-ROYB has a long list of ethic violations itself:

-Finally, he is about as shady as you get. He attempted to sneak past a line item to directly benifit Phillip Morris, a company that his wife and son are deeply involved in. It was so shady, in fact, that even the Republicans eventually prevented it from happening. Here's the story:

Suffice it to say that if Republicans continue to place these types of people into positions of power then the American people will turn on them. Scandals are not rewarded, especially when these scandals come at the cost of the livelihood of Americans.

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