Monday, October 17, 2005

Delay's Mistakes Lead to Challenge From Within District

Here's an interesting story from the Boston Globe today: due to redistricting in Texas that Delay forced through (with an illegal funding scheme that now has him indicted), a democrat lost his seat in Texas (one of several). That Texas Democrat has now moved to Delay's district, which is now a weaker Republican district because of the redistricting, with a plan of unseating him - and a good chance to win.

What does Delay think of it?

''It's amazing to me the strategy of Democrats. The politics of personal destruction isn't working. In fact, it's backlashing."

Tell that to the former Democratic Majority Leader Tom Daschle, Congressman Delay. At least that politician's down fall was a home in D.C. - bad politics - not breaking the law.

The Globe continues:

"But it is DeLay's own brand of cutthroat politics that Democrats hope will be his downfall. Texas had already redrawn voting districts after the 2000 census, but DeLay insisted that the state do it again, to boost the prospects of Republicans. He started by raising money to get a Republican majority in the Legislature. According to Travis County District Attorney Ronnie Earle, that fund-raising involved the funneling of corporate donations to candidates, which is illegal in Texas."

Honestly, the redistricting should have been thrown out in court. I've never heard of two redistrictings in less than five years; districts shouldn't be able to become political games - people actually live there. Previous use of redistricting such as this destroyed chances for African American and minority candidates - are the same tactics to be used to target Democrats in general, state after state? Even the racists of the past didn't have the audacity to redistrict at a whim every few years. Welcome to the Republican's plans for a one-party America (and the end of democracy).

Why have Republicans accepted Delay's scandalous actions for so long?

"DeLay's redistricting plan worked: Texas elected five additional Republican congressmen last year. Without the Texas gains, the GOP would have lost ground in the House last year. Yet the machinations surrounding the deal clearly took a toll on DeLay's reputation, adding to an air of scandal surrounding him." (Italics are my own).

Read the whole story here:

People should do all they can to support Delay's challenger - Nick Lampson. Whether or not Delay is guilty of the indictments brought against him, he no longer belongs in office. It's clear that his politics are bad politics for America - Republicans and Democrats should be able to agree with that. What are Americans supposed to do to bad politicians? Vote them out of office!

People should either vote for the Democrat, Lampson, or find a Republican to challenge Delay. The country can no longer afford Tom Delay's stink; he threatens the very stability of American democracy and freedom.

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