Thursday, October 27, 2005

Harriet Miers Nomination Withdrawn

What it means.

The President lost his base. He has shown weakness. During President Bush's entire Presidency, he's lost a fight two times: over Social Security and now, with Harriet Miers. However, this time he lost his fight because he lost his base.

The President's base will be back. Don't be fooled, just because he lost his base now doesn't mean they won't jump right back in tomorrow. All it will take is an extremely conservative nomination who has a long written history. The base is itching for a fight with democrats, a fight they think they can win.

Democrats must be ready to combat such a more conservative pick. They can take advantage of Bush's weakness and must take advantage of it for the sake of this country's future. This country is a moderate country, only a small minority want a far right nomination. Democrats cannot sit back and allow the Republican Party to implode - it hasn't worked yet and it seems like it's all they're willing to do.

Bush is a lame duck. He lost his Supreme Court pick, a close friend and colleague. He lost over Social Security. He sat back and watched a major U.S. city be destroyed. He's allowed over 2,000 young Americans to die in Iraq, an unjust war that used lies to trick America into going there in the first place. At least one and closer to five of his staff members, possibly even the Vice President, will likely be indicted on criminal charges. Republicans can no longer frame the debate; America has finally realized all the lies and abuses of power the right has used to gain power. America wants a change and it's time Democrats stand up and offer them one.

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