Friday, October 07, 2005

The Hillary Visit was a Hoax

LOL what a dissapointment! I was just informed that some club posted fake posters of the Hillary visit in order to, well, trick people into visiting some comedian of the same last name. While I was surprised that Hillary would come to our campus in the first place, I wasn't shocked; other so-called big names have come before (the past two years: Ralph Nader, Michael Moore and Dane Cook are just a few). I've seen Bill Clinton go to lesser schools. It would have been interesting to see Hillary speak, I haven't heard her before. I've seen Bill Clinton at a national student conference in D.C. for the Center for American Progress/Campus Progress, but never before have I seen Hillary.

I'm not sure whether I would have been impressed or dissapointed. I have a feeling that she's the type of candidate that will run to the center (or even right of center) to get elected, even if she doesn't personally agree with those stances. If that's the case, I hope she does it in such a way that she won't lose credibility if she's elected and reverses policies. Part of me would love for Hillary to become President, I think she has a brilliant political mind and would be effective, but I'd only support her presidency if she were to be a progressive. It's time people take on Republicans on health care and minimum wage and a dozen other paramount issues this country must face to remain great.

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