Saturday, October 08, 2005

Updating the Karl Rove Soap-Opera:

This from the Washington Post:

"A source close to Rove said Bush's chief political adviser and his legal team are now genuinely concerned he could face charges."

Everyone should read the article:

You need to sign up for the Washington Post's website, but its free and they don't send spam (unless, of course, you ask for daily headlines).

Rove is going for his 4th appearance in front of the grand jury for Plamegate. After reading the Post article, I wouldn't be entirely surprised if Rove is indicted soon. I wonder how the President would react to that? Will he simply roll back on his promise again?

President Bush started by stating anyone involved in the scandal would be fired. Now he's stated it's anyone criminally indicted. What's next? Will Karl Rove be maintaining his duties as Deputy Chief of Staff from a federal penitentiary? Bush seems to think this is just a big game, but there's no envelope revealing Karl Rove in the library with a candlestick at the end of this one. Like it or not, the President will have to deal with the realities of the situation soon. If he severs Rove from his administration now, he just may make it through the last three years of his administration without calls from members of congress for his impeachment.

As much as I would like to continue to see President Bush make a fool out of himself, I have too much respect for the institution of the Presidency. President Bush is a disgrace to the office and he threatens the stability of this country. Despite my glee at his failures and my I-told-you-so attitude, I sincerely hope he rights his wrongs for the good of this country.


Joe Schlieff said...

There's one inherent flaw with all of this: Karl Rove is too smart for all of this. Plain and simple. He is neither simple nor stupid, and his work in the elections just go to show that. He's the type of person that helps run the show from behind the scenes and not involve himself with lower in-fighting.
Thinking he would go out of his way and even risk a scandal to punish one dissenting person is preposterous. If Karl Rove was punishing everyone who dissented to the war then he would have helped leak a lot more than one CIA agents name. I just don't think the crime is his M.O.

tuckabuick said...

What did you expect?

Ryan Adams said...

Who knows if Karl Rove did leak it for political revenge? That's a copmletely different question, one I believe could be true, but in reality whether or not its true is moot.

There are a few questions that need to be asked:

Did he leak it? The answer is yes: he's admitted it.

Did he know about the law that forbid people from leaking CIA undercover identities? Answer: who knows? Its very difficult to prove, which if he actually did know the law he also knew it would be hard to prove. He's not going to get caught on that.

Did he commit perjury? This is what he's likely to get caught doing if he did commit perjury, something even brilliant politicians are prone to do (ie Bill Clinton). But, we don't know. We'll find out whether or not this is pursued later on.


I just want to address this issue:

"He is neither simple nor stupid, and his work in the elections just go to show that."

Precisely! He's a genius and somewhat complicated. Strategies that are complicated can often blow up in your face though. Even brilliant politicians make mistakes because to win the big elections you need to take big risks (heck, to win any elections).

Karl Rove has undoubtedly done some nasty and perhaps illegal things to win. It shouldn't shock anyone that he'd be willing to do that. Logically, an administration with more scandals surrounding it is probably more scandelous - especially when the House and Senate are supporters of the administration. This is all basic logic.

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