Monday, October 03, 2005

What does 2000 look like?

We all know by now that the Republican Leadership is turning out to be a bunch of criminals. It's all over the news - from Delay being charged with conspiracy to Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist being investigated for insider trading (not to mention the fact that Judy Miller, the jailed NY Times reporter, admitted it was Karl Rove and "Scooty" Libby - Dick Cheney's Chief of Staff - who revealed CIA officer Plame's identity However, by far the largest crime committed by this government has been the invasion of Iraq.

To see how vast this crime is, look at this:

Almost 2,000 American soldiers have died. The number likely skyrockets if one counts all Americans in Iraq (if anyone has those numbers, please let me know). However, that pales in comparison to the 10,000s of Iraqis who have been killed as a result of our invasion. It pales in comparison to the thousands of lives this country has ruined in a region that already had a poor opinion of America.

Should it be any surprise that the leaders of this country - the Republican Leadership - has committed small crimes such as revealing a CIA officer's identity or altering Texas state politics through illegal compaign financing (thus helping to insure the Texas State House could change district lines to give the US House of Representatives an even larger conservative majority) when it endorsed, planned and campaigned for an invasion of a country of 25 million?

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