Monday, November 21, 2005

What is Bill O'Rielly Thinking?

Here's the words of a true American:

"[I]f Al Qaeda comes in here and blows you up, we're not going to do anything about it. ... You want to blow up the Coit Tower? Go ahead."
Seriously, it's a good thing we have people like Bill O'Rielly around. What would we do without his efforts to blacklist Americans who had the audacity to be against an immoral and corrupt war? (
To be fair, people deserve to hear the full statements Bill O'Rielly made before we make judgement:
They sound so much scarrier when heard in full. Good ol'Bill needs to be fired for these statements. They are undemocratic to the core, rude and should not be acceptable at Fox News. First, there are republicans in San Francisco. San Francisco is a diverse city full of all sorts of people, not just gay, anti-military pot smokers; in condemning the city of San Francisco, he's also condemning the type of people he deems "American."
Secondly, America is all about diversity in opinion. I'm sure some of you would critique me in saying this as I am condemning Bill O'Rielly, but the truth is Fox News is it's own corporation. It has the right to deem what is appropriate to say or do on it's own employees. Bill O'Rielly, in his statements, not only speaks for him but also the entirety of Fox News.
America is a diverse country. Not every city is filled with the same people, who do the same things. Some cities are going to be more progressive than others. Some places are more accepting than others. Some places are predominantly filled with a population that values life - all life, not just those of Americans who agree with Bill O'Rielly. San Francisco is free to be anti-military if it wants, but it has no more power than Boston or Saint Louis in determining whether or not troops will be there. That decision is decided by the representatives in government of the entire population.
One would hope that Bill O'Rielly would realize that and stop saying such horrible statements. If he claims to care about Americans and want a safe America, he should want it for ALL Americans, not just those like him. And for heaven's sake, blacklisting is an evil practice. One would hope Americans don't long for the McCarthy era...


Joe Schlieff said...

When I clicked the link, the first thing I noticed was "satirical riff". One of America's greatest strengths is satire. While not all right-wingers appreciate Jon Stewarts satire, it's Getting all up-in-arms over those comments is as childish as you say making them in the first place was. We have to hear on a daily basis how stupid dubya is and such, so it's nice to hear someone make a joke about about al-Queida blowing up a city of peaceniks. It's like what Jack Handy said: "I can picture in my mind a world without war, a world without hate. And I can picture us attacking that world, because they'd never expect it"

laugh it up, laughing is good for you.

Joe Schlieff said...

I must have hit a backspace somewhere in there...after jon stewarts satire [left-wingers aren't expected to appreciate Bill O'Reilly's humour]. There...makes a little bit more sense now.

Ryan Adams said...

I agree that satire is a good thing, but I don't think this was *really* satire. He's subsequently stood by his statements.

I'm not an avid fan of O'Rielly though (obviously) so maybe you know of statements I do not? If he has said he was only joking and would of course want San Francisco to recieve equal protection to those peace-knik New Yorkers let me know.

Unlike Bill O'Rielly, I think all Americans would understand that human tragedy is human tragedy. We rallied behind New York despite their liberal agendas, of course they'll do the same thing if San Francisco were attacked.

I still think it's entirely appropriate for Bill to apologize.

Anonymous said...


Well lil' ol' Saddamy could win a well-polished grammy! He's long been gone. He's sanging a jailbird's sorrow-filled song. The war with the terrorist is what we have left. But truth be told... as the war unfolds... it's about daddy at home and some foreign oil-filled wells. Gas goes up when daddy is in! Gas goes up when lil' Bush gets in! Yea, Bushy boy has definitely got the will. Oh! and he's got the way... but the terrorist keep getting stronger and America keeps on having to pay, pay, pay! Two years left before we get America back. Six years ago Bush sent us way off track. It wasn't 911 that should've woke us all up. It was the election process that got us this crook. Yes, there are terrorist with which we must deal and those who have elections to steal. We've had terrorist all throughout time and crooked politicians who love to rob us blind. America! Wake up! Don't divide! We've been taken for a ride!


Anonymous said...

Bill Orielly is an idiot why does anyone listen to anything he says. If we keep listening to idiots like him this country will surely go down. Do not waste your time its not even worth it.

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