Sunday, December 11, 2005

Brokeback Mountain

I haven't seen this movie yet, but suffice it to say it's about two cowboys who happen to be in love with each other during the 60s. Without seeing it, I don't really want to describe it in anymore detail. However, I thought it would be interesting to compare and contrast how the Drudge Report describes it versus a Huffington Post writer.

Drudge Report Article:

Arriving with nudity and explicit gay sex scenes between two cowboys, UNIVERSAL/FOCUS FILMS's BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN has quietly become an award season frontrunner, interviews with Academy members reveal.

Jesse Kornbluth of Huffington Post:

This is the movie's power --- the ability to make you feel the weight of two decades of desire and guilt, loneliness and recrimination. Ennis and Jack want the sex, but even more, they want the relationship, the dailiness of romantic partnership.

Kornbluth also had this to say:

Those who are all riled up about homosexuality --- to say nothing of those who turned gay marriage into the big issue of the '04 election --- seem to think that homosexuality is only about sex.

Now, I have this question: Has homosexuality become a weapon the right uses against its own party? The Drudge Report clearly attempts to sensationalize the issue. For example, instead of saying 'will a movie so different from typical red state morals sit well with the heartland?' the Drudge had to ring on Modonna's contreversial name by randomly saying "But will a movie even Madonna calls "shocking" sit with the heartland?"

The Drudge wraps up the article by quoting an anonymous women from Wyoming:

[A] playwright and lifelong Wyomingite tells the STAR-TRIBUNE of Casper this week that she has never encountered a gay cowboy, and doesn't think it's right for Hollywood to portray Wyoming as a state with gay cowboys.

Her message to the writers of BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN: “Don't try and take what we had, which was wonderful -- the cowboys that settled the state and made it what it was -- don't ruin that image... There's nothing better than plain old cowboys and the plain old history without embellishing it to suit everyone."

My last question: What is more likely, the fact that this woman has never met a gay cowboy in Wyoming or her homophobia helped keep hundreds or even thousands of them in the closet?

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