Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Hillary, Hillary, Hillary...

Hillary Clinton continues to frustrate me. Read what Arriana Huffington wrote about her:

Hillary Clinton's attempt to rebrand herself as a red state friendly DLC Democrat -- Bush on Brains -- continues with her decision to sign on as a co-sponsor of the Flag Protection Act, which makes it illegal to desecrate the American flag. It's stars, stripes, and triangulation.

What I don't get is why she is trying to appeal to the Red right now, at least in this way. Clearly, the country is looking for something a little different, including traditional Red States. Instead of appealing to people in red states by signing onto propaganda bills, Hillary should stand up for something truly important. Saying no to burning the American flag won't win Hillary a single state in the next election, standing up for Americans who can't find jobs may just have a shot.

Republicans have constantly criticized Democrats for never standing up for anything; to an extent, they are right. The Hillary Clintons of the party really are spineless. No Republican is going to believe Hillary actually would agree with this bill, they can see right past it - whether it's true or not.

The truth is, Hillary would have a better chance to win more votes in red states for voting against the flag bill. At least that way she could have the integrity to be able to go into a Tenessee or, get this, her former state of residence (Arkansas) and tell everyone, "As President, you may not always agree with all my decisions, but at least you can know that I will always act in the way that I think is right for America and never give up what I believe in."

Americans didn't vote for President Bush last election because they agreed with his positions, they voted for him because he seemed like a decent person who would vote his gut even if Americans disagreed with it. Within reason, Americans appreciate conviction in the face of public opinion. Of course, Bush is a liar, but at least he's a convincing one. Hillary Clinton can't even say that.


joe schlieff said...

It's true, we can see through it. And to think...I was getting ready to put my Kerry Clappers away.

I tell ya, the problem with the democratic party isn't convictions, it's selecting the worst possible candidate in the primaries. Al Gore and John Kerry? egads! If John Edwards had won the primaries, we would have a democrat president right now, because that guy had the down-home heritage and southern guy charisma to win some of the red states.

Ryan Adams said...

Eh, Al Gore and John Kerry were both the clear choices. Don't forget, Al Gore had more votes than Bush - you can't *really* blame him. Furthermore, John Edwards never really convinced me. When you're a Senator who can't even win reelection in your own state, I highly doubt you can win the Presidency. To be southern and charismatic is not enough LOL.

John Kerry just ran a very lousy campaign and despite doing fairly well at the end, it wasn't enough to undo all the damage he had done.

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