Friday, January 27, 2006

Fun With Synonyms

Bush is having a laugh trying to re-name his way out of this one. Instead of having a Domestic Spying Program, Bush now has a Terrorist Spying Program. Don't be fooled, he's still spying on Americans without warrants.

Furthermore, I want to tackle another aspect of the Name Game. According to the Patriot Act, Terrorists can be detained pretty much indefinately. However, what defines a terrorist and who are they? By allowing a group of people to be detained indefinately, sans trial, we have essentially substituted a name (Terrorism) for the entire judicial process. After all, you can't be tried for being a Terrorist, but you can be held indefinately.

Bush's approach to governing has always been the Name Game. He's sort of like Sauromon, the White Wizard, from Lord of the Rings. He is dangerous because of his words. I know he sounds stupid, but that's exactly why it works. His style of speech and the specific vocabulary he uses (Terrorist Spying Program, PATRIOT Act, Clean Air and Skies Act, etc.) works wonders. However, the American people are quickly catching up and I suspect the Terrorist Spying Program will be (to use one of Bush's favorite buzz words) a FLOP. He can't re-name himself out of this one.

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