Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Should Only the Rich Be Elected?

That's certainly the impression I got from this Boston Globe News article on Representative St. Fluer of Dorchester. St. Fluer is Attorney General Thomas F. Rielly's choice for a running mate and has had some serious financial problems over the years, as the article clearly indicates.

The article seemed particularly one-sided and sensational, as if I were reading the Boston Herald. St. Fluer's response to the financial difficulties wasn't reported until page two and even then seemed to pale in comparison to the critiques.

If the public and media wants to increase access to the political process for ordinary citizens, perhaps it should create a fair and balanced news story if there happens to be an ordinary citizen - as opposed to a multi-millionaire - elected. Instead, it seemed like the Boston Globe merely wanted to embarrass a public official and potentially damage a campaign in order to make more profits.


One day later and St. Fluer is forced to withdraw from the campaign. Score one for elitists! I found it refreshing that someone had a chance to be Lt. Gov. who had difficulty paying off her student loans and who lived in Dorchester, rather than a multi-millionaire from Milton. I guess the Boston Globe felt otherwise.

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