Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Updates and Changes

I've enjoyed keeping up a regularly updated blog and I think I've learned a lot about blogging in the process. I have to say I've been pleased with the fact that some people have stumbled on this site, but I'm looking to expand its audience - if only for kicks and giggles. However, I also like writing certain posts that don't sit well with what blogging audiences typically like. To put it simply, Progress Now has been anything but short and sweet. I've been mulling over what to do and have come to some big conclusions.

Here's my plan: I'm going to keep this website - www.ryanpadams.blogspot.com - and write mainly longer articles that more resemble OP-EDs than blogs. I'm doing it because it's fun for me and it will hopefully spark some healthy debate along the way. However, I'm going to change it's name to Ryan's Take because it's going to remain personal and opinion-oriented.

Furthermore, I'm creating a new blog. I'm really excited about this; it'll replace the old name to this website - progress now - and have a web address that better suits that name: www.prognow.blogspot.com

The updates on the new website are going to be very different. They're primarily going to be short, witty and to the point. Hopefully, I'll draw people to interesting news articles and get some laughs along the way. The purpose will remain the same: to aid in the progressive movement, if only in a small way. I'll point out news articles that both reveal the ineptitude of the neo-con movement and hopefully rally people around intelligent discussions revolving around the progressive movement.

Eventually, I'll also be looking for help running Progress Now with other similarly minded people. I'm hoping to really build an audience on that website. I hope to find people that have diverse interests, yet similar philosophies, to explore a wide range of issues that are important to society.

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