Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Kerry Supports Feingold!

According to Mass for Feingold, Senator Kerry has agreed to support Feingold's proposal to censure President Bush. It's time America hold President Bush accountable. Even if democrats lose a vote to censure, at least they'll stand up and force the issue and win American hearts and minds. At least people will know that there's an opposition party, another group of people to vote for.

Senator Kerry, not known for going out on a political limb (at least in his old age), has really risked some political capital here. Thank him so he knows he made the right decision and strongly backs Feingold's corner.

Mass for Feingold asked the big question: where is Senator Kennedy? Kennedy is one of more than twenty senators who voted to censure President Clinton. Surely illegally spying on Americans is at least as important as anything President Clinton did? The people of Massachusetts should demand better of Senator Kennedy - one would have expected him to be the first to go along with Feingold. Call him and make sure he does this issue justice.

One disclaimer: As of now, I'm supporting Russ Feingold for President. I know this post isn't necessarily about Feingold, but it is his issue, so I feel I should make sure people know where I stand.


Greg said...

This is Greg from MassForFeingold. Contrary to some initial reports, it turns out Kerry's not completely behind censure after all. Either those reports were just wrong, there was confusion in Kerry's office, or Kerry actually "flip-flopped". I had one person they were told by Kerry's office that he was supporting censure, only to later be told that he wasn't.

Ryan Adams said...

Well that's a dissapointment. Here's hoping he realizes the political expediancy of supporting what is completely rational.

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