Wednesday, March 15, 2006

My Continued Globe-Watch: Good Globe, Bad Globe

Today's Boston Globe included a great editorial and a terrible op-ed.

The Globe Editorial staff argues the merits of early childhood education. A proposed Massachusetts bill that would create a universal pre-k program would be a boon to the state. Other states should emulate it. The earlier children begin to learn, the better off they are. Study after study has concluded that. Furthermore, parents can get back to work knowing their children are safe, learning and having fun at school.

On the other hand, Globe columnist Jeff Jacoby spews his typical trash. Again, he deceives readers by confusing the issue. He'll try to tell you his column is about religious freedom, but it isn't. No matter the affiliation of a charity, it cannot discriminate.

America doesn't stand for charities that invest in terrorist organizations, why would we allow charities that discriminate based on race, sex or sexuality? Would Jacoby write the column if, based on supposed religious freedom, Catholic Charities decided to stop its adoption services because the state had an anti-discrimination policy that forced the non-profit to adopt to multi-racial families? I think not.

Do us all a favor, Jeff Jacoby: shut up!

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