Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Romney "Rebuffed," says Globe.

Apparently, $295 is asking too much of cheap-skate employers.

Democratic legislative leaders rejected a last-ditch effort yesterday by Governor Mitt Romney and his allies to water down a proposed business assessment that would help pay for a comprehensive healthcare bill.

Presidential-candidate (I won't call him Governor) Romney should be ashamed of himself. I seem to remember watching a State of the Commonwealth Address not too long ago where he stated that he would set aside extra money because getting health insurance for everyone in this state was too important to quibble over how it got done. I guess he just flopped from his flip again.

Mark my words: Romney will never be President. I pray he gets the nomination; he won't get any further. If I need to swallow these words hard two years from now, Massachusetts has a serious problem in state-to-state communication.

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joe schlieff said...

He won't be. Mark my words: Vice-President. He's a perfect VPOTUS. Look for either McCain or George Allen to be POTUS.

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