Thursday, April 20, 2006

Deval's New Plan

Read it.

Patrick Includes Over $735 Million in Savings, Pledges To Lead Fiscally Responsible, Efficient Government

BOSTON-Wednesday, April 19, 2006- Deval Patrick today released a plan for the more efficient, streamlined government he will lead as governor, identifying specific savings of over $735 million. His strategies include limiting legislative earmarks, enforcing wage and hour laws, improving detection of Medicaid fraud and increasing budgetary transparency.

$735 million will go a long way towards truly funding the new Health Care Bill, making sure any state help is the kind of meaningful help that tens of thousands in this state will need.

The plan is detailed, so check it out. Feel free to poke any holes in it via comments, if there are any. I don't have time to properly go through it point by point, but as far as I'm concerned this plan is a great one... I'm all for streamlining and saving money where possible (to spend it where necessary).

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