Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Reilly Promises Rail Extension

Yesterday's New Bedford Standard Daily Times.

Attorney General and candidate for governor Tom Reilly promised yesterday that, if elected, he will bring commuter rail to New Bedford in his first term. "Commuter rail is coming to Fall River and New Bedford, and during my administration it will be done," he said.

In his comments, Mr. Reilly made it clear he believes commuter rail will provide an economic boost to the SouthCoast, a boost he said the state government is obligated to provide.
It's a bold promise. At the Deval Patrick speech at UMASS Dartmouth, Patrick said he thought the process would begin within a year if he was elected, but refused to make a promise on something that big. Still, he seemed confident.

So it looks like we have at least two candidates so far who are confident they'll have a commuter rail in New Bedford within the next four years. Anyone know where Kerry Healey, Christy Mihos and Chris Gabrieli stand on this?

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