Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Cape Wind 2: Will My Theory Be Proven Correct?

A second wind project has just been proposed to be built off the coast of Dartmouth and Fairhaven, in Buzzard's Bay.

In a proposal that would dramatically change the appearance of Buzzards Bay, a Boston developer wants to build a $750 million offshore wind farm comprised of 90 to 120 turbines in the ecologically sensitive waterway.

The proposed sites are about 3 to 4 miles off the coast of Sconticut Neck in Fairhaven, Barneys Joy in Dartmouth and Naushon Island, one of the Elizabeth Islands. An estimated 30 to 40 turbines would be erected at each of the three sites.

First, I'd like to know just how "dramatic" the appearance of the bay will change. With the Cape Wind project, it's reportedly a thumb-print. I'd imagine that, with these windmills 3-4 miles out to sea, the effect to the horizon shouldn't be much different - in which case, I'd fully support it.

More importantly, in supporting Cape Wind on my website for all these months, I've frequently made this assertion: Senator Kennedy and the special interests trying to block Cape Wind wouldn't care if it were being built off the coast of Gloucester or New Bedford. Well, now it's being built just a town over from New Bedford in Dartmouth and Fairhaven.

So I guess we get to learn something new about all these politicians who claim to support renewable energy, but are against Cape Wind. Will their positions remain consistent? Will they become hypocrites? I don't understand how they could be for one and against the other, so my biggest fear is they won't want to be inconsistent and both projects will be killed. However, it's still my firm suspicion that if we just had this new project and Cape Wind never existed, it would fly through. Time shall tell.

For all my readers out there, I'd like to see this Cape Wind 2 project vetted and tested just like Cape Wind 1 was... hopefully they'll both be cool projects and we can become leaders in the world using wind energy to power a significant portion of the state. Both projects would combine for 720 megawatts... which is awe-inspiring.

Perhaps we should force every politician to see Al Gore's new movie on Global Warming. That should make 'em think twice about rejecting our nation's best hope to get off the ticking time bomb coal and oil.

Update: I said this in the comments, but I think it's so important, that I need to add it in my blog. Here's a message for people who don't support Cape Wind:

The world is dying. We need to make sacrifices. People need to do their part in all of this too. We don't have time for other proposals, we need real solutions now, even if they aren't ideal or seem unfair.

Update #2:
I've already read comments that confirm what I've been saying all along. People from Cape Cod are okay with wind farms, so long as they're not on Cape Cod. Sorry, folks, that's just too damn bad. We all must make sacrifices. Earth is dying. If it'll help, I welcome a windmill on Egg Rock!

We all must make sacrifices. The new project off Dartmouth and Fairhaven shouldn't be viewed as an alternative or a saving grace for Cape Cod. First, I have news for all you Cape Codders... you won't find a more beautiful ocean view than Dartmouth, Mass. I should know, I go to school here. Cape Cod isn't special, it doesn't deserve to be spared anymore than anywhere else. Secondly, the more wind power in Massachusetts, the better. That's how we'll make an example for the world to emulate and become a leader in the industry.


Mark D. Snyder said...

You are so right. We need to do everything we can to help our environment, we are almost at the tipping point of no return.

Bugsy said...

Hey Ryan,

Here are two questions for you:

Why doesn't Cashman need 130 turbines to be economically viable?

How did he find sites when Gordon says there are no others available?

Read the tone of Cashmans remarks:

"The success of the project depends on it truly being a community effort."

1) state welcomed
2) coasr guard welcomed
2) Mass Audobon welcomed

And, New Bedford is a working port and wants the business. The three site are flexible and can be moved.

Looks like Cashman took every play out of Gordon's book and plans to run them in reverse - i.e. correctly

Ryan Adams said...

"And, New Bedford is a working port and wants the business."

That's a blatant lie. You and I have NO idea if they want it or not because... drum roll... this news was JUST RELEASED. There hasn't been time to do any polling.

Furthermore, just because it's a working port doesn't mean they'll want windmills anymore than you do in Nantucket Sound. Fall River isn't thrilled to have an LNG facility well on the way.


The world is dying. We need to make sacrifices. You need to do your part in all of this too. We don't have time for other proposals, we need real solutions now, even if they aren't ideal or seem unfair.

Anonymous said...

Ryan, Maybe you are dying living in your dorm room. We're not.

The only thing that died was Cape Wind. You heard Reilly in the debate. If you want energy infrastructure go north or south of Boston. He didn't say East.

you should try to listen more and not talk so much. You don't we approval to build massive wind farms anywhere you want.

Life is a game, Ryan. Play it and you too live survive.

Ryan Adams said...

You should tell that to the over 1000 people who died as a result of Katrina.

Feel free to tell the people of New Orleans that Global Warming isn't something we should worry about.

Keep lobbing anonymous insults though. Meanwhile, my friend from Nantucket was *just* convinced of the intelligence of Cape Wind, who was bitterly against it because of the misinformation campaign of all the propagandists.

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