Saturday, May 06, 2006

An Important Message for Deval Patrick:

I just read a great blog from Lynne at Left in Lowell, suggesting Deval Patrick step down from the Board of Ameriquest. We're both big supporters in Deval Patrick and believe in his message, believe in the fact that he offers Massachusetts the best opportunity to fully meet its potential. I must agree with Lynne:

Deval Patrick, step down from Ameriquest! I think you've served that company with the best intentions, helping clean up its bad ways. However, they're gutting jobs in Massachusetts - and what better way to support Bay State jobs than refusing to be a part of a company practicing a very bad Massachusetts trend of cutting jobs here? Don't profit from a company that would do Bay State citizens harm.

Explain to the public that you can't, in good conscience, serve a company willing to create even more job losses in our great state. The public will rally around such a serious decision: it's the type of bold leadership I've come to expect of you!


lenstewart said...

Agree with you, Buddy!

D. R. Tucker said...

"The left is having a fit of pique over the Ameriquest matter, but it won't last long. Mr. Patrick won't leave Ameriquest, and the left will continue to back him--unless they really start getting worried about his chances of winning the general election..."

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