Thursday, May 11, 2006

Joan Vennochi: Money Isn't a Problem

With all due respect, I must disagree with Vennochi's latest OP-ED. Why? Quite simply, whoever wins the Democratic Nomination is going to have enough money.

Again, I find myself being a broken record: Vote for the person you support, not the person you think is most likely to win. All three Democrats would have a pretty good chance in beating Kerry Healey. In fact, I'll go on record as saying that I think all three would win. They'll all have enough money and they'll all certainly get enough free press.

Vote for who you think will do the best job, not the richest, not the best looking, not the tallest - just you think who will do the best. For once in my life, I'd like to see a close primary race be about a battle of ideas.


Mass Marrier said...

Most excellent, Mr. A. Keep playing that record.

I noticed too when Chris and Christy said they wanted to run, the Globe was among may writing about the glories of more puffballs who might be able to buy their own elections. They belong in some 19th Century zoo of rich twits.

Bring on the ideas! Bring on the debates! There's much broken here and we need the policies and plans to fix them.

joe schlieff said...

Television Ads won't help you win delegates...these are people who will look beyond the TV, and that's where the democrats have to face the eventuality that their best chance at victory lies within either Reilly or Patrick; so do you dump your support on who will win or who you like the most?

play your cards carefully with chris gabrielli, I see him being the Christy Mihos to the democrats in this race...kinda like ralph nader...kinda like ross perot...where do these people come from anyways?

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