Monday, May 22, 2006

Kerry's Belated Response to Me:

A while ago (at least a month, if not longer) I questioned Senator Kerry on his stance on the censure resolution. Well, his office must have been a little slow, but I got a nice response that - for once - I'm pretty happy with.

Here's a snippet:

I believe this Administration has consistently acted in unacceptable ways and know that Americans feel the same way. ThePresident broke the law by authorizing a secret domestic wiretapping program and he has reserved the right to ignore laws in the future by issuing controversial statements when signing Congressional legislation. Members of Congress should use our constitutional powers of checks and balances to examine the activities of the Executive and hold the President accountable for his actions.

Many people have criticized Senator Feingold's censure resolution as a partisan tactic. They say that the Senate needs time to further investigate, and that calling forcensure now is an attempt to score some political points. I do not agree. A censure resolution that expresses strong disapproval with the President's actions will send astrong message to the President that he is not above the law. That is why I support the censure resolution.

It's nice to know he's finally growing a little backbone.

UPDATE: Note to readers: by saying I'm glad he's finally growing a little backbone, I am not referring to his Vietnam War record. That is neither here nor there: this is a discussion of his political backbone and, for the past 3-4 years, he's lacked one on votes that were of the most importance, such as the resolution authorizing this President to invade Iraq. Perhaps I should not blame Kerry for his political mistakes and instead the political insiders who advised him, but he's the one who chose to hire them and bow down to the Democratic Party.


Aaron said...

I'm glad you got a response, but it is utterly ridiculous to say that a man who has done the things that John Kerry has done in his life is just now "Growing a backbone." I realize he could have been clearer in '04, but c'mon, the guy's been in combat, he had a backbone before you and I were born.

Ryan Adams said...

Aaron, I was hardly talking about his Vietnam war record. I'm not a swift boat.

The fact is that, as a constituent, I'd only rate him with a B as far as how I think he's done in office. He should have had the courage to stand up to President Bush back when it mattered - before we went into Iraq. If he could have voted against the first Gulf War, I find it hard to believe he couldn't justify voting against the second one.

So you, he needed to grow a political backbone and stand up for what's right, even if it isn't going to help him politically. I appreciate many of his votes and positions, but for too long the democratic insiders remained comfortably inside.

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