Wednesday, May 17, 2006

The Simple Truth on the Tax-Rollback

If Massachusetts rolls back taxes .3%, here's what will happen:

Either you'll live in a town that'll pass a proposition 2 1/2 Override and your taxes will skyrocket,
Or you'll live in a city or town that will reject the Prop 2 1/2.

Teachers, cops, firemen and other town employees will be laid off. Libraries will be closed, hours will be reduced and programs will suffer. Everyone will have to start paying more fees for trash collecting and ambulance services, which are often covered by property taxes right now (but can be separated without a prop 2 1/2).

Either, or... you lose. Deval Patrick understands. Vote for him.


Redbeard said...

Yup. Any politician says otherwise is tell you money grows on trees.

Redbeard said...

"telling" not "tell"


Aaron said...

If the rollback will be so bad for firefighters, why has Massachusetts' largest firefighters union endorsed TR?

Ryan Adams said...

I'd imagine for the same reason NARAL sent a letter to all its members asking them to thank Lieberman and Chafee for their votes that allowed Alito to get on the bench.

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