Sunday, June 18, 2006

Globe Watch: It's Not Just the War, Stupid!

I'm sick of the media, including the Boston Globe, boiling down races to the lowest common denominator. The most recent hack job? This article essentially claims Ned Lamont is gaining steam in the Connecticut Senate race because of his opposition to the Iraq war, which Joe Lieberman blindly supports.

Iraq certainly has something to do with it, but if Iraq was the only issue Lamont had, he'd be dead in the water. Instead, he's within striking distance and forcing the DINO out of the closet. No longer is Joe Lieberman going to be a Democrat in name only, he's about to leave the Democratic party altogether and run as an independent. People are pushing for him to do so and Lieberman's campaign manager has stated on-air that the Lieberman camp wouldn't support the Democrat who wins the primary if Lamont wins.

As interesting as the Massachusetts Democratic primary for Governor has been, the CT-Sen race has been downright entertaining. Ned Lamont just has to win and probably will, at least if the media can accurately report the race. Let's hope the Connecticut media can do that, because the Boston Globe seriously dropped the ball.

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