Wednesday, June 14, 2006

I Can't Resist: Helping Gabrieli Fundraise

Just because I don't think Gabrieli should have to spend all his own money becoming governor, I thought of some great fundraising ideas!

Everyone loves Pez and they're instant collectables, so who could miss out on the complete Duck Tales refit set? Featuring Chris McDuck as the lovable, extrordinarily wealthy uncle, no one will forget his wiley adventures, important moral lessons and cheery humor of emptying the money bin to buy Massachusetts elections. Someone better find him his lucky penny!

One of the best fundraisers around are Girl Scout cookies. Every year, almost everyone buys at least one box of Thin Mints. If it can work for Girl Scouts, I don't see why it couldn't work for Gabrieli. And just think of it, if he were to table at the subway or something, he'd actually have a chance to see his aides talk to the people and everything! If that isn't getting down and dirty and being ultra-progressive, I don't know what is. I mean, it isn't as if there are candidates going town to town or anything.

T-Shirts are always a hot item - and a real keeper. In twenty years, teens of Gabrieli supporters will be seen wearing Gabrieli T-Shirts, even if they don't know who the guy is (and let's all be honest, they probably won't). T-Shirts are real attention getters and nothing says "I support a candidate" like wearing their T-Shirt. Plus, in just a few words, message T-Shirts offer candidates an efficient means to represent themselves best. Fitting. Charge twenty bucks a pop and Gabrieli is sure to raise thousands!


Cyn said...

Ryan, ya owe me a keyboard. Mine has Diet Coke all over it. Lol. Ya rock.

Ryan Adams said...

That could be today's best compliment I've received, "Ryan, ya owe me a keyboard."

Anonymous said...

At least you're not being divisive or immature.

Or would a photo of Deval wearing a sandwich board saying "Will settle your predatory lending lawsuit for a phat $300,000 Board of Directors kickback" be nitpicking and distract from the actual issues?

(BTW - The Girl Scout cookies were pretty funny - the PEZ was OK - but the t-shirt was lame - you jumped the shark. And McDuck had a lucky dime, not a lucky penny! Check your Disney!)

Ryan Adams said...

Come on, the T-Shirt was my favorite! I needed a better picture of Massachusetts though.

You'll have to pardon my snark =)

Anonymous said...


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