Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Dunkelbarger Needs a Make-Over

And by make-over, I'm not referring to any metaphorical suggestions. I don't think Dunkel should change any positions (that I know of). Nor do I think he should change his rhetoric (from the quotes I've read, I'm quite impressed).

(Picture from Dunkelbarger's blog.)

I actually think Dunkel needs a make-over. You know, some new clothes. Contacts. Maybe a facial? Am I asking too much here? While hiring an image consultant may be a tad bit expensive, he should at least go with watching"What not to Wear." He could try contacting Carson and the rest of the Fab Five from Queer Eye over for an emergency visit. Or perhaps he just needs a trip to the salon? Whatever he wants is fine with me, but let's get it done soon. There's only a few months in this race and we need a little buzz, like when John Kerry got caught with Spray-On tan running for President.

To the casual eye, someone who normally wouldn't pay attention to politics, Dunkel may come off as unprofessional. People expect a Congressman to look the part - and whether or not image should be important, it is.

With that said, here's a few things I urgently recommend be improved:

His hair. It reminds me of well... me. In that I don't style my hair. In that I rarely go to a hair dresser at all. Of course, it doesn't help that he has a slightly receding hairline, but then again so does 50-60% of every person with a penis over the age of 40. But it extends beyond that: he needs to wear his sleeves buttoned. Try to wear a jacket, even when parading during Independence Day. Look sharp, look professional, look like a United States Congressman.

So someone call up Carson. Make it a show! I wouldn't be shocked if they'd jump for the chance to give a make-over to an aspiring politician, especially one friendly to the gays in a competitive district. It could be just what the doctor ordered to get this campaign a-kick'n and Dunkel stories littering the pages of the Boston Globe. Just look at the buzz Johnny Damon and Kevin Millar got!

For more on the race, read Adam Reilly's fantastic story, one of the few media outlets to cover the race. After all, whether or not Dunkel takes my advice, he's worth a second and third look. On the issues that matter, it seems like he's far more representative of people who live in the 9th Congressional District of Massachusetts than the current schill Representative, Rep. Lynch.

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