Thursday, July 06, 2006

Liveblogging Lieberman's Debate at Rev Deb's

7:10 pm - "Senator Lieberman, you're the only
one in Connecticut whose been confused about my position on Iraq."

"This is not a single issue, Senator."

Lieberman thinks that by taking tough decisions, he should be given a blank check of support. Taking tough, principaled decisions can be a good thing, Senator Lieberman, but you still are accountable for that position.

7:12 pm - BTW Joe - Bosnia is not Iraq. For one thing, the Iraqis don't want us to be there. For another, we don't have 130,000 troops there and 2,500 people already killed fighting for a war not many people want.

7:13 pm - I just can't focus on the debate as much as I'd like. I keep asking myself just what is an "Independent Democrat?"

Joe, you're NOT for an open-ended committment? Then when should we leave?- Oh, wait. Stop that thought. Joe just brought up 9/11. How many more times should I expect that tonight?

Ned just said we should have had hearings over the illegal wiretapping. Good to know that someone in Connecticut who was in the Senate thinks so.

7:19 - I don't really like the North Korean question. I don't understand how it would help show the difference between either of the candidates. What are they supposed to do? Saythey aren't in favor of trying to end tensions between North Korea?

7:22 - Talking about the common good (not lobbyists) = key to winning again. I'm becoming a fan of Ned.

7:23 - Joe's securing the survival of liberty by running as a Democrat and Independent at the same time. Good to know.

BTW Joe, it's not a single issue campaign. You let Alito get on the bench, your women's rights record is blotted... Bankruptcy bill anyone? But even if it were a one-issue campaign (though it isn't), Iraq is such an important issue that it's perfectly valid: it's cost us hundreds of billions, 2,500 Americans and 50,000 Iraqis.

Joe, Ned would win. You're the one whose put Democratic majorities on the line.

7:28 - Potwholes or principals, Joe? Which is it? (Ned got a good line in).

BTW: RevDeb's house was ablaze with it. A bunch of middle aged women screaming at the TV makes my day! LOL

7:30 - It's a little difficult to be both far left and cozy with Republicans, yet Lieberman calls him both. Joe just got called on it tonight. These candidates are going for the jugular, folks. Ned's doing well though.

7:33 - "Who is Ned Lamont?" Well, Joe, he's right next to ya. Oh, and don't criticize him on money. You're campaign is drowning on it, not that it's helped you so far.

7:39 - "There you go again," says Joe Lieberman. Nice Reagan talking point. DINO to the core - or should I say "Independent Democrat."

7:49 - Joe is just wearing me out. He's not a nice guy. He's sneaky and conniving. I think the people of Connecticut are going to see it.

7:55 - My final thoughts: the Debate truly showed the difference between the two candidates. Joe's a snivelling, conniving, lying ass... and Ned seems like a solid Senator. Of course, I'd biased (and prejudiced)...

However, Ned really does seem like a nice, decent guy - and Lieberman really does seem like an expert politician. I think the choice is obvious.

Update: MSNBC's poll pretty much says what I said: 73% thought Ned won, 2.2% thought it was a tie. In other words, Lieberman is in a LOT of trouble.


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