Wednesday, July 05, 2006

People Are Getting it on Taxes

Promises to cut taxes just aren't winning votes anymore, because people have seen the evidence of what it means to gut the federal government: Fewer jobs, worse schools, budget deficits and a real fiscal crisis.

Here's hoping local politicians are getting it, too, because no where is this phenominon more true than here - in Massachusetts.

Town after town has voted to make property taxes skyrocket because of innapropriate tax cuts, wasteful spending and serious budget cuts. IF people just cared about tax cuts, why would they vote to raise property taxes by hundreds if not thousands of dollars - often on a regular basis?

People need to give this article to Kerry Healey, Christy Mihos, Tom Reilly and Chris Gabrielli ASAP. Are they listening? (Because voters are.)

Let's stop handicapping the poor and elderly by building the foundation of our educational system on a house of cards property taxes, where the richest towns get the best schools (and all the working classes, elderly and others scavenge up every last bit of resource to try to afford the homes they've lived in for decades). Heaven forbid people live in the cities and towns that have voted down Prop 2 1/2 overrides all these (Mitt Romney) years. I really feel for them - and for my mother, who's seeing her property taxes go up by about a thousand dollars even though she hasn't seen a raise above the rate of inflation in years.

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