Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Thanks Rep. Petersen and Sen. McGee

I just read the roll calls (in the comments) on the health care amendment and just want to thank both my State Senator and State Representative for voting against "studying it" further. We know enough about it, we don't need legislative death.

If liberals are going to say voting is a right, we need to back it up. Let's make it a right.

The fact the ConCon tucked it aside is disgraceful and leaves me in total doubt leaves serious doubt in my mind that the health care bill we passed will be anywhere near sufficient or actually last. The people who pushed this aside should be ashamed.

I called both Petersen and McGee's office this morning. Petersen was very open about the fact that he supported the amendment. Thanks, Representative Petersen. When you're running again, give me a buzz. I'll be the first to volunteer.

Senator McGee's aide refused to give a clear position, but suggested he supported health care. Well, today's decision by him showed that. I hope my phone call helped him make his decision, a phone call in which I explained that I feared, as a voter, what would happen to me after I graduated from college (in this lousy job market) a year from now.

I'd also be willing to help McGee in his next reelection if McGee continues to make progressive, good decisions like he did today.

So, while the amendment was essentially killed, I must thank my elected officials for both being on the right side of it - and for listening to their concerned constituents.

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