Friday, July 21, 2006

Why We Need to Take the Environment Seriously (with pictures!)

I told you all about my trip through the west coast and how it inspired me, but didn't have time to post pictures right then (seeing as how I was on vacation and all). So here's my evidence: the environment is worth protecting.

The first picture is one I took at Yosemite; the rest are from Saquoia National Park.


selise said...

thanks for the pics, they bring back memories of my california backpacking days...

and, yes of course, all that beauty is worth protecting justs for itself. but even more than that, our very cultural survival is at risk.

just read that we (humans) are very close to loosing the amazon rain forest.

Ryan Adams said...

Wow, thanks for the link. The erosion of the environment all around the world is a scary thought. If the Amazon truly does go, we're in a boat load of trouble as a planet. They taught me that much in the first grade =p

selise said...

if you learned about the importance of the amazon rain forest, at least you learned *some* ecology in school - can't say i did.

maybe that means something is improving?

i'm afraid it might not be soon enough... but a wise man said that while there's breath, there's hope.

joe schlieff said...

Don't forget about the coral reefs! Those are in even more imminent danger than the rainforests, and the loss of those would have just as a devastating impact on the world if they are lost.

Ryan Adams said...

Joe, hopefully you can convince your Republican friends about these very issues too. The environment shouldn't be a left or right wing issue, it should be something we all care about regardless of ideology.

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