Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Wrote Kos Journal on Dunkelbarger and Media: Important

More than anything, I'm bothered by the fact that the media is completely ignoring an important political race. Rep. Lynch is in favor of a lot of unpopular positions, even in the 9th Congressional District. He has an opponent who's intelligent, saner and it's not like Lynch should be automatically considered safe in the first place (he only won his primary with 39% of the vote and would have lost if the two candidates didn't split the progressive vote).

Well, this is a NATIONAL problem - and here's an example that is important to pay attention to at a large-scale level.

So, read it, comment and give a recommendation if you feel it's worthy. It'd mean a lot to me because I think this could be the most important Dkos journal I've ever written - and it's so hard to get people to read there when there's hundreds of journal submissions everyday.


winchou said...

Hey Ryan -- Thanks again for the posts and for helping get some chatter going. I gotta say I'm right there with you when it comes to the media. I used to be taken as a matter of public trust. Now the news media is more worried about selling Fords and Cialis than getting information to the public. Please! No more stories about kittens in wood chippers until everything else is reported.

BTW -- how does one add comments to diaries on DailyKos? I can't seem to get a "comment" link. I'll keep trying.

Ryan Adams said...

I think you may have to create an account. Then, at the bottom of a journal entry (or comment) there's a "post a comment" or "reply" button.

StunnedVoter said...

I am stunned that Lynch has an opponent. I can't even believe the lack of coverage with this race. I'm going to have to ask my sister if she even knows this, she's an activist but she hates Lynch and knows I do too and I really think she would have mentioned it if she did. I don't think even my dad knows about this, and he was the only person in MA to know before getting burned that the T was going to pay out in Sacajawea dollars. :)Hell, I went to a Democratic event that Lynch couldn't even be bothered to show up to a few weeks ago, and nobody mentioned anything about a primary challenge. And clearly, blowing off constituent events screams I'm running unopposed more than I've got a challenger. This is crazy! I know that we're the Republican armpit of MA but I hope that enough people turn out for the Guv primary to give Steve the shock of his life.

Ryan Adams said...

Thanks, Stunnedvoter. I'm glad I could help.

Since I don't live in the 9th district and I'm not working in Dunkel's campaign (I've never even met the guy), my only purpose in trying to cover this race is to spread the fact that there is a race. People deserve a choice - and the media has a responsibility to cover it.

If you're angry the media isn't covering it, I suggest writing a letter to the editor to the newspapers that cover your town/city - and suggest to your families that they do the same.

Meanwhile, check back on my blog, because I'll continue to cover the race even if the media won't.

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