Saturday, August 05, 2006

Best. Quote. Ever. Gabs Failed Logic Exploited!

And go figure, "MaverickDem" went and said it!

Truthfully, I have been a little surprised by Gabrieli's lack of proposals and details because he is considered to be something of a policy wonk by some political pundits.

Maybe Chris Gabrieli is making the same calculation that mainstream media are making: people don't care about specifics - which may, in fact, be true. Time will tell.

Call me old fashioned... but when somebody asks me to believe that they are going to "Get Results," I would like to have some concept of what those results are going to look like.

The bold is the actual quote, I included a bit of the background text just so readers wouldn't be clueless. Anyway, kudos to MaverickDem for a great line. No matter how many commercials Gabs puts on air, he'd do well to remember one plus one does not equal four. What he's saying just doesn't make sense given a little thing I like to call reality.

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