Wednesday, August 09, 2006

First Lieberman, Now Massachusetts's Lynch

If Democrats are united behind the message that we need to send George Bush Democrats home in primaries, it's time to send that message to the 9th Congressional District's Representative Steven Lynch.

Steven Lynch is no Joe Lieberman. On the issues, he's worse. Not only is Lynch still for the War in Iraq, he's also anti-choice. Does that sound like a candidate who represents any district in Massachusetts? 60% of America thinks Iraq was a mistake, in Massachusetts there are even more voices of reason. Yet, Steven Lynch still supports Iraq.

There's a movement spreading across all of America. Thankfully, despite the fact that Massachusetts is a blue state, we can take part too. Steven Lynch has got to go and Phil Dunkelbarger offers a refreshing change: he's a man who will resonate with the voters of the 9th Congressional District and be fit to represent them.


Lynne said...

Do we have any polls for this race? I'm intrigued by Dunk...I would like to see a more progressive Dem in that spot, for sure.

Ryan Adams said...

I've scowered polls for this race, but the media hasn't even reported on it nevermind paid for polls. IF there are polls for this race, Steven Lynch has paid for them and they're private. However, I doubt he's polled at all.

If we can build a little momentum, especially after Lamont, we can create media buzz - and if that happens, they'll pay for a poll. It probably wouldn't take a lot to unseat Lynch because I imagine his policies keep people from being thrilled with his performance.

DedhamBlog said...

Just wanted to let you know, we're trying to get the word out in Dedham and to get the mainstream media to pay attention to this race.

Ryan Adams said...

Good job! Keep it up. I just got word that the Boston Globe has FINALLY decided to run an article on Dunkelbarger. Let's hope it's a good, fair and honest one.

I've been writing Letters to the Editor for weeks, so I feel real good about myself right now. You should too!

Anonymous said...

To be taken may want to spell names correctly ie. Stephen Lynch as opposed to Steven.

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