Monday, August 14, 2006

Gab's 15 Million Dollar Joke

Turns out... Not so funny after all. Before August, Gabs has spent more than 5 million dollars. Doesn't that number sound like something out of a Mike Myers movie? Well the all-time record for campaign spending in the Bay State was Mitt Romney, spending $6.2 mil.

However, that was for both the primary and general election.

Gabrieli is making a mockery out of Democracy. He'll exceed Mitt's record spending by millions.

The choice for Governor is an easy one to make. One candidate pokes fun of Democracy by attempting to buy it. Another completely violates the few and simple rules of the Democratic process. Deval Patrick has run a noble campaign, trying to reach out to the people. The choice is clear.


Aaron said...

There are only a few simple rules to democracy? That's news to me. You've still failed to explain exactly what Reilly did that violated any law. As predicted by me, the Reilly campaign did not fold when people woke up on Saturday and read the Globe, b/c people don't care.
When it comes time to choose, the voters will go with the candidate who will make the best governor, not the one who has run the campaign with fewest mistakes.

Ryan Adams said...

People don't care? There are basic rules in election politics - like "disclose" or "campaign funding limits" - nice stuff like that, part of which the Reilly camp allegedly ignored in regards to the Ray Rogers fiasco.

Did Reilly himself do this? I don't know, it could have just been his campaign team. HOWEVER, even if that were the case, the buck stops here: he was in charge and should have made it implicitly clear to avoid such shady topics.

He's not fit to be governor after this fiasco and I don't think he's any longer electable. It's a shame the event didn't get more coverage than just Vennochi's column and that small little b5 blurb, but the media has for long been douchebags and hopefully they'll get it right now and actually do more digging to connect all the dots.

Aaron said...

That's exactly my point, it didn't get much coverage b/c people who aren't sitting at their keyboard waiting for the opportunity to slam Tom Reilly don't really care.

Ryan Adams said...

If the people don't know, that doesn't mean they don't care. Most don't know about Net Neutrality, but that's because it hasn't been heavily reported - not because people don't find it at all interesting.

People didn't know about Deval Patrick either, but it wasn't because they found him unintresting. It was because he was ignored. When the media finally HAD to cover him, he suddenly surged into first place.

It has nothing to do with people and everything to do with media-accountability. By not reporting this Reilly fiasco, the media has seriously fucked up their job. However, like I said in my most recent post THIS IS NOT DONE. Too many people are paying attention and trying to blow this wide open.

And, believe you me, there's more to know here. Reilly could have been working in concert with SEIU, he could have paid money to Ray Rogers, he could have had SEIU pay Ray... and all of those things would be devestating to his campaign.

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