Thursday, August 31, 2006

Galvin the Good 'ol Boy - and Liar

Well, it's official - Galvin didn't just miss the Medford debate by accident. In fact, it was completely on purpose. Kara, a member of Galvin's campaign team, stopped by BMG to inform everyone that there never was supposed to be a debate in the first place.

That's right, that was how she defended Galvin for "missing" the debate. Galvin would never conceivably participate in Democracy, why would a Secretary of State do something as trivial as that? It's only the most important aspect of their job.

But, take heart, Galvin's doing everything he can to suppress voter turnout, because the Good 'ol Boys - as Lynne likes to call them - don't like high voter turnout. It means machine politics can't automatically secure a victory. And Galvin is doing a great job as Secretary of State by not doing anything about ballot fraud, not addressing campaign finance law violations, not doing anything about voter irregularities and not complying with years-old national statutes in voting law.

Kara tries to say that Bonifaz was clearly lying about the Medford Secretary of State Debate. Well, Kara, why did Galvin say he got stuck in New Bedford if he wasn't supposed to be there in the first place? Was he supposed to be in Medford, or not? It seems like Secretary of State Bill Galvin is the one who got himself caught in a lie.


StunnedVoter said...

Just please don't call Gabrieli honorable. The first time I saw his ad where he says "With an attitude like that no wonder voters don't trust Democrats to do the right thing on fiscal policy" my jaw dropped. The second time, I assured myself I must be hallucinating. After seeing it 50 times, all I can say is, I wouldn't vote for this man for dog catcher.

What is going on? Has he hired Lieberman's advisers? Does he not realize he's allegedly a Democrat and is running in a primary? He thinks he'll slip us a C note and we'll forget it or something?

With "friends" like these, we might as well move give up and move to Alabama. This is why Democrats are going to lose, we choose lameasses who are clearly replused by Democrats and ashamed to be associated with them. This is an inspiring message?

"You don't want Republicans? Well, okay, but Democrats ewww, how about we just don't call ourselves Republicans, and pretend we're offering an alternative?"


Ryan Adams said...

Clearly I need to watch Gabrieli's new commercial. I heard he went negative, but I don't want much tv and don't have high speed internet. But I'll try to catch it.

StunnedVoter said...

You haven't seen it? Sorry, didn't mean to hijack your blog with OT, it's just that there was a period of time today when it was literally coming in during every single commercial break on the same station, I literally saw it dozens of times. "No wonder voters don't trust Democrats," I just...what the hell was he thinking? After dropping a bombshell like that, does he think anyone's listening to the rest of the message?

Has Gabby done a single ad where he talked about being a Democrat, or being proud to be a Democrat? I can't believe he would have the gall to say something like that! He's handing ammunition to Heeley, you better believe I would use that quote in the general if I were her. Patrick would never say something like that, not even Tom R. would go that far. Doesn't Gabrieli have any Democratic advisors? Even if it were accurate, it would be an insane thing for a primary candidate to say, but it's bs and feeding right into right wing frames, that's not why we've had all these Republican governors, there are a few other factors going on here. Sheesh. :)

Ryan Adams said...

Sadly, DLC-style democrats such as Gabrieli have for years poked at the Democratic party for their own benefit - though it rarely, if ever, benefits democrats.

Sadly, it's one of the reasons why so many people run away from the label "liberal" and Republicans sweep us in the polls. That said, there has been some real improvement in this area since the netroots have taken up this specific issue - people, especially like Joe Lieberman, aren't getting away with it.

StunnedVoter said...

Yep, if anyone needed any more confirmation that Gabrielli's in this for Gabrielli, apart from the fact that his entire campaign seems to be an exercise in vanity and hurt feelings and big big $, they got it today. He probably spent more money in two hours/20 opportunities (with roughly 14 million airings between noon and midnight) to let us know that Democrats are untrustworthy and incompetent than Deval has spent in his entire campaign to, you know, attempt to inspire people and actually support Democratic causes.

I predict that the Massachusetts for Gabrieli party will begin gathering signatures tomorrow. :) I suppose if some good comes of this, it's that a lot of the activists who are still on the fence are going to be replused, but I still wish Gabs hadn't pulled this damn stunt. He should have learned from recent history that divicive primaries are harmful, except he obviously doesn't give a damn about anything but himself.

Ryan Adams said...

Well, the good news is despite spending more than $5 million, he couldn't win his LG race last time around. Despite spending over $2 million for a Congressional seat, he came in 6th place. Gabrieli may be willing to spend more than 10 million dollars to win his Governor's race (and I say he will spend that much), it's no gaurantee he'll win.

Plus, Deval is raking in the dough from actual people who care - with most checks below $100 bucks, he blew past the former month-long record.

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