Friday, August 11, 2006

Globe, NECN to Cover Dunkelbarger!

I just got word that the Globe is FINALLY going to cover Phil Dunkelbarger's campaign. I've been writing Letters to the Editor to the Boston Globe for *weeks* to cover Dunkel's race - it's belated coverage, but at least they're going to print something on it. Lieberman's loss in Connecticutt's primary proves Americans - especially in this region - are pissed over the war in Iraq. Heck, it's not even just this region. 60% of America is against the war.

To ignore a primary race of this magnitude is ludicrous and hopefully either the Globe learned its lesson or they've been getting enough letters to know people want to read about this race. The fact that NECN will cover it is gravy - kudos to them for their election coverage (the discussions/mini-debates with the Lt. Gov candidates were not only appreciated, but helpful in determining who I'll eventually vote for).

What does this all teach us? If we want coverage of races, we need to keep the buzz going and demand media accountability. I really think its readers writing letters to the Globe and other newspapers that will help get Phil covered in the race - not to mention buzz created in the Massachusetts blogosphere.

Dunkelbargers opponent is still for the war in Iraq. He's trying to shift and dodge and confuse just like Joe Lieberman did, but actions speak louder than words. Citizens deserve elected officials who are in touch with their voters, not out-of-touch Congressman who shirk off the people who put them in office. There are myriad reasons why voters in the 9th District should throw the guy out of office, but at the very least they deserve to KNOW the facts about the race. I'm glad that the media is finally going to give it some coverage.


Andy said...

Very cool Ryan! I just wrote a post contrasting Lynch and Dunk. We need to keep making noise.

Ryan Adams said...

good one!

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