Sunday, August 27, 2006

Leftyblog Blogwars? Let's All Call Each Other Out!!!

See, isn't it fun? Oh, wait, that's right. Most of us here aren't 10.

Maybe I should call out Lynne. What should I call her? A feminazi? A sleazy skank? I mean, it's all politics and anything goes, right Aaron? Why would anyone want to hold Democracy to higher standards? Lowest common denominators rue the day, so take that you skanky Lynnster!

I thought I went out of my way to be nice to Tom Reilly, especially after I've been critical as of late, but Aaron over at Mass Democracy wasn't too thrilled with my pity. His blog is a real barrel of laughs, often taking my words way out of context and basically doing everything Tom Reilly is accustom to. I wonder - Aaron - are you a member of Tom Reilly's campaign? Are you the person at Reilly HQ that visits my website on an almost daily basis? It doesn't really matter because, just like with Tom Reilly, it's never about ideas. It's a race to the bottom in an attempt to make others look foolish. Tom Reilly can't win on ideas and apparently neither can you.

Kudos, Aaron... good job leaving your dignity at the door. I've been many things on my blog, but I've never been unfair - at least when I was writing a serious post. For Aaron to chastise me about my bias seems a little... well... off. After all, it is MY BLOG. Whatever, it's a free country. All that matters is election day; if others don't want to run dignified campaigns, that's up to them. I, however, will always be about ideas - frequently critical, but never rude for the sake of being rude.


Joe said...

All Tom Reilly has to do is get all the assholes in the Democratic party behind him and he wins.

Looking at his ads and the "you smell like a poopyface" additude you're getting, I'd say he's well on his way.

Oh, and mabye you and Aaron should fight. Settle your dispute like men. People say fighting doesn't solve problems, but I bet if one of you got a broken jaw, the bologne would stop.

Little Bitty said...

"I can hear the justice in your voice."

Hey Snoop, bring your friend and his Carpenters hat!

Ryan Adams said...

Thanks Joe, lol. I find it absolutely hilarious that a) someone would consider our small disagreements a fued (if what Aaron and I had going was a fued, you and I must be having friggin world war three... which is odd, since I like you =P) and b) he'd feel the need to write a whole post about little old me. Don't get me wrong, I love the publicity... but it doesn't really seem the serve the whole purpose.

The most rediculous thing about this whole thing is that he's appalled that I have - GASP - a bias! Apparently, the fact that Aaron supports Tom Reilly and writes many a Tom Reilly blog doesn't count towards hypocrisy for the win in Aaron's book... but in mine this "fued" was over before it started and I with the resounding victory ROFL.

And little bitty, I'm glad you can hear justice lol. I'm not always right and I'm sure I've written many moon-batty peices here on this blog, but I think here is a definate case where I can say I am resoundingly in the right. (And the sane one, for that matter.)

Aaron said...

I think "The Family Feud" softened the meaning of the word "feud," which perhaps explains why I thought it was appropriate.

No hard feelings, I hope...we're getting close, and the competitive edge in me is getting antsy.

Ryan Adams said...

In the future, if you have a problem with something I write - feel free to email me or write a comment. I think you went out of line and hope you don't mind my snark in response.

There are real issues at stake here and Ryan Adams isn't one of them.

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