Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Lieberman Beats Pundits, "Surges" to SECOND!!

He's "not discouraged," folks. He "lost the first half," but will 'win the second.'

It almost reminded me of when he tied third for the New Hampshire Primary... that's tied third place, not a three-way tie for first, but actually LAST among in that "tie."

I keep trying to tell myself not to join in the 'hate-filled left' (as O'Rielly likes to call us), but is it just me or is Lieberman a douche?

If anyone was confused as to whether or not Lieberman is a Democrat - HE ISN'T. It's official.

Oh, and btw, he'll never do anything to jeapordize working with the other party. What other party is that? "People of the right." Of course, I'm taking that tiny quote out of context, but I laughed out loud when he said it (and he did say it), cuz it's DEFINATELY true.

Lastly, good news, his website is "unhacked." If only it was hacked in the first place - the lying, conniving asshat.

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