Saturday, August 19, 2006

Like I Said in Way Back in April, Reilly's Cooked

Can I read the future, or what?

Jeez, if it's not one thing, it's the other. Reilly has proven himself to be an inept candidate for governor. And the polls are starting to bear out that political reality. I commented in one of Lynne's blogs yesterday that "I honestly envision Reilly fading behind Patrick and Gabrieli." It becomes more true everyday.
And, folks, I said that way back in April. And each day after that, it's become more and more true. Reilly's been shooting himself in the foot daily - Killer Coke anyone? Well, today's mistake had me laughing.

Tom Reilly hung a curve yesterday on Channel 4, questioning what the other candidates had done with their lives in the last ten years except for making all that sweet, sweet cash.
Keep up the good work, Tom. At this rate, Deval Patrick may be able to donate all his campaign funds to charity or something.


Joe said...

I tell you what, if Tom Reilly had arrested that St. Fleur woman the minute he found out she was delinquent on taxes and whatever, he'd be in front.

First executive decision: bad move.

I agree with you on this 10000%.

Aaron said...

He didn't make a mistake with the ch. 4 interview, he just said something that you didn't like.

And since when does the best campaigner make the best governor?

Ryan Adams said...

I don't think you have to be a good campaigner to be a good Governor, Aaron... but, when you continually make huge mistake after huge mistake it shows a general lack of competence.

Competence is something universal.

Plus, the reason I'm not voting for Tom Reilly has nothing to do with his campaigning. I only comment on it because I'm a political junkie. The reason why I wouldn't vote for him is because of his issues, and the fact that I don't think he's a nice person from every singe vibe I've gotten to him. He ran a negative campaign last time around and he's been the most negative person thus far.

And, ultimately, Deval Patrick is inspiring. Tom Reilly is very ordinary in terms of politicians. Is that fair? Maybe not, but not everyone can be inspiring.

Aaron said...

I just think "Inspiring" is a nicer way of saying smoke and mirrors.

I have met Tom on no less than 20 occassions, and I assure you he is a nice guy. (Met Deval a few times, and the same goes for him.) However, I wouldn't say niceness is a prerequisite for making a good governor. That having been said, if Tom weren't a nice guy, there wouldn't be people in the AG's office who have been working for him for 15 and 16 years, which there are.

Ryan Adams said...

That's the most rediculous thing I've ever heard. People work for all kinds of people - from jerks to the most amiable people around.

Maybe Tom Reilly is the nicest guy on the planet. However, he has run negative in the past and is becoming increasing negative at present - unlike both Gabs and Patrick, who haven't been negative to both of their credit.

I understand you really, really like Reilly. That's fine. My whole mantra this election has been to 'vote for the guy you like best,' because I think all of them have a decent shot at beating Kerry Healey. So, you clearly should vote for Tom Reilly. While I think it's a poor choice, you see something in him that I don't - and that's fine.

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