Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Of Debates and Debacles, Rep. Lynch and Bill Galvin

M assachusetts is witnessing two different kind of politics tonight. On one corner, we have Secretary of State Bill Galvin and his challenger John Bonifaz fielding questions from a crowd so people can see how they stack up. This townhall forum style 'debate' will be aired in at least two fairly large Massachusetts cities. On the other corner, there's Representative Steven Lynch who has refused his challenger Phil Dunkelbarger a debate. Both Galvin and Lynch are incumbents who by all accounts should walk into an easy primary victory on September 19th, but only Lynch is too scared to hold a debate. Only Lynch is mocking democracy with his elitist attitude by being too high and mighty to field questions from a crowd.

Props to Galvin for giving Democracy its proper due and actually giving Bonifaz the chance to have a debate. Even though I'm supporting Bonifaz, Galvin has certainly showed a lot of class by submitting to a debate of any kind, one he could have ignored. In Lynch's case, no one should be shocked he'd refuse a simple exercise in Democracy - he's been ignoring his constituents for years.

Lynch is scared to take on Phil Dunkelbarger; Lynch knows it could be the type of event that would end his campaign. Lynch is wrong on the important issues, he knows 9th District voters would prefer Dunkelbarger to his war-mongering self. So Lynch is happy to let his constituents be ignorant about the primary, doing everything in his power to make that happen. After all, emulating Lieberman is all about getting poorly informed voters to the booth. If people know where each candidate stands on September 19th, Lynch will be unseated.

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P hil Dunkelbarger knows that. Instead of trying to keep voters down, Dunkelbarger wants them infomed. That's why he's called on supporters to enlighten the 9th District. He's hoping for people to write about the Dunkelbarger phenomenon on their blogs, Kos diaries and hoping the attention will lead to a little netroots cash and buzz. I for one think that's a great idea. Write about the race, send letters to editors, tell your neighbors and coworkers, or even donate $10 bucks. Lets take back our state from people who don't represent our interests.

Speaking of netroots cash, look at the boatload Deval Patrick has raked in this month. Like some of the weather we've seen this summer, it was a record high. If we can get some of this cash to progressive candidates everywhere (like Dunkelbarger), we'll take back our government from K Street lobbyists, big oil and the religious right in no time.


Cos said...

So, I'm not quite sure what happened, but at the beginning of the Medford candidate forum, the moderator announced that "Secretary Galvin is stuck in New Bedford and will not be joining us". Bonifaz answered a bunch of questions, Galvin was not there.

I hope it was something unforseen and unavoidable, and not a sign that Galvin didn't place a high priority on being there. I hope Galvin will be at the forum in Worcester tomorrow night, though I'm not sure if he accepted the invitation yet. And really, whatever the reason for Galvin's absence, it would look a lot better for him if he hadn't rejected plenty of other invitations to debate Bonifaz or appear at forum events with him throughout the year.

Anonymous said...

I think it's too bad that Dunkelbarger hasn't gotten his name out there more. Everytime I talk to people about this race, all I hear is "I HATE HATE HATE Steven Lynch" but nobody knows he has a challenger or has ever heard of Dunkelbarger. So many people don't like Lynch that this could have been a real race.

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