Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Reilly Surging to Third!

Breaking news from the Tom Reilly campaign...

It's an exciting time in the race for Governor. And with four weeks until the Democratic primary, the Reilly campaign is right where we want to be...

In last place?

A new WBZ-TV poll shows what we've known for a long time, that Tom Reilly is the only candidate who is moving in the right direction.
Moving down in the polls "for a long time" is where Reilly wanted to be? Was he trying to go South towards Isenguard to avoid the forces of Isengaurd? Does he even want to be Governor?

I know he's trying to create some sort of buzz, but telling people how great the campaign is doing seems less like buzz and more like desperation. It's not the case of turning lemons into lemonade. It's more like selling spoiled lemonade to thirsty, paying costumers. Voters won't want more and certainly won't come back.

If Tom Reilly wants to win, he needs to create some ideas for buzz - not buzz for buzz (or how about getting some of our Big Dig money back?). He needs to be honest, not desperate. He needs to win on merit, not resort to his old negative-politician self. At the very least, if he wants to win, he could try spicing up the campaign emails (which I never signed up for). Am I asking too much here?


Aaron said...

Yes, you are asking too much, seeing as your post is totally misleading. Two polls came out yesterday. One was by Ch. 7/Suffolk, which I think is the one you meant to refer to in your post. The other was done by the more reputable Ch. 4, which had Reilly tied for second with Gabrieli, and both within the margin of error for a three-way tie. The numbers were as follows:
Patrick: 34
Reilly: 30
Gabrieli: 30
MOE: +/-4.8%
I'm sure it's a just a coincidence that you chose to ignore the poll that showed Reilly in a statistical tie with Patrick.

Anonymous said...

Gabrieli Picked up labor union endorsements today, one of them being the Norfolk County Sheriffs correctional officers. That is big for Gabs, we will have to see what happens. I must say he is coming on very strong and well liked and I was indecided and now I think I will go with him.

Ryan Adams said...

I was *specifically* refering to the poll Reilly used. Did it inch up? Yes, but the last few have had him 5-10% lower than that so I need confirmation. Furthermore, there was that other poll released on the same day. While I like SUSA (ch. 4 paid SUSA), the Suffolk one does not have a bad reputation.

Did that factor me calling him on creating buzz for buzz? Maybe, but it's perfectly valid. Furthermore, a small bump in the polls does not equal his email.

Look. I'm not trying to trash Reilly on the email. You read what I wrote - did I not give him advice? Spice up the ideas and the rhetoric to win, don't try the old smoke and mirrors and *certainly* don't go negative (not saying don't go tough, just not negative).

I don't want Reilly to lose; I want the best man to win. That's why I would hope Reilly would take my suggestion and turn this into a better race. I'm not opposed to Reilly giving my candidate heat... primaries are a vetting process and I want Deval to be able to pull out a victory against the very strongest of candidates in a fair fight.


Like I said to Aaron, I'm glad Deval has some tough competition. I think he's by far the best candidate and enjoys the broadest support, including lots of unions, but it wouldn't shock me that Gabrieli has gotten some union support. Although, how big is the Norfolk County Sheriff Correctional officer union? Doesn't seem like it'd be a huge one? Well, every bit helps.

Gabrieli is my second choice right now. There are some real issues I have with him, even above and beyond the way he's run his campaign, but I'll give him credit where credit is due: he hasn't been negative, he has some solid ideas and seems likable. I just don't think he's as strong as Deval, especially in being able to hold the legislature at check (while still being able to lead them on important issues... which is a difficult balance).

Aaron said...

Yeah, but you referred to the poll Reilly used (the ch. 4 poll) and then responded "In last place?"
But the ch. 4 poll doesn't show him in last place, it shows the race a three way tie. You're talking about two different polls!!

Anonymous said...

The only reason I said that the endorsement from the corrections officers was big is because duval patrick got endorsed by Suffolk county Sheriff Cabral. Now that was big news when it came out but it is bigger when the all the Corrections officers endorse. I know the corrections officers from Suffolk didnt endorse Patrick just her ( I wonder why ).Gabs also Grabbed the Iron workers, the postal workers, Carpenters union and others. All working men that people said Gabrieli could not relate to. Well that theory is dead Correction Officers and iron workers, it dont get anymore working man then that. Oh ya if they are out holding signs I wouldnt get in there way LoL.

Ryan Adams said...

It does show him in last place, Aaron. Regardless of the survey, he's last. Be it dead last at 20% or tied-with-Gabs-last, he's last. Don't know how I can make that any clearer.


My mention that Gabrieli was not a 'man of the people' had more to do with the Globe's choice of irrelevant pictures (vs. their choice of an irrelevant Deval picture in a recent Globe story).. not necessarily Gabrieli himself. I wouldn't doubt for one instant that Gabrieli can relate well to a lot of people... like I've said before, I like him, I just didn't vote for him.

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