Monday, August 21, 2006

Something You Won't Find Everyday

Everytime I think I've seen all that there is to see, I find something rather unusual. I'd like to call it quaint, yet that doesn't seem appropriate with everything that's at stake.

If ever there was a reason to reform DSS, that link is it.


Joe said...

There's nothing wrong with that. Every time I see Divorce Court, part of me wants to ban heterosexual marriage.

This guys story kinda reminds me of King Ludwig II of Bavaria, minus some psychological problems. Wikipedia that one if you don't know it.

Ryan Adams said...

Honestly, I wasn't opposed to some of his ideas. Like I said on the blog, he's a prime illustration of some needed reform on DSS. While I think he's *wrong* on the big issue of the article (gay marriage), I don't necessarily dismiss the idea that marriage in general would be harmed if we seperated any "religious" connotations from the civil definition... which could have been what he meant, but maybe not either. The article (or him) wasn't 100% clear on that.

Anyway, it's an interesting topic. One of my best friends went through the foster care program and while she did relatively well there - no horror stories - it's pretty easy to tell that even a little reform would have been good for her.

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