Tuesday, August 08, 2006

The Things People Will Do to Win: Why is the Media Complicit?

David at BMG really wowed me with a blog about a "organization" called Killer Coke, created to Swift Boat Deval Patrick.

As Frank Phillips reported today, and as we've already
, an outfit called "Killer Coke" doesn't think much of Deval Patrick, and doesn't want him to be elected Governor of Massachusetts.

So who is "Killer Coke," also known as the "Campaign to Stop Killer Coke," anyway?
Here's what a little digging turns up....

Despite its ".org" URL, neither "Killer Coke" or the "Campaign to Stop Killer Coke" is registered with the IRS as any sort of 501(c) non-profit organization. Nor does the IRS or the FEC have any record of its being registered as a PAC, 527, or other political advocacy organization.

In fact, the "Campaign to Stop Killer Coke" isn't even registered as any kind of corporate or other business entity with the New York Department of State. Really, the only thing we actually know about it is the name of its director, Ray Rogers. So if you write a check to this "Campaign," where does it go?

So what does this all mean? Ray Rogers created an "organization" that had one, sole intention: to smear Deval Patrick. That "organization" became the subject of a major Boston Globe story, printed as news (not opinion). Since when is it okay to make stories up about people when using some random guy to create dredge up and spin it like it's a major "labor" organization - as if it was legit?

David at BMG didn't stop there, though. Thankfully, there's also this little blurb:

UPDATE: One last thought. If, as appears to be the case, Killer Coke has no existence independent of CCI, which is a for-profit NY corporation, does an in-state campaign against Deval Patrick's election (such as handing out leaflets) risk running afoul of Mass. campaign finance law?

I second the question: it's about the shadiest thing I've ever seen done in Massachusetts politics. But the more serious question is why did the Boston Globe give some lobbyist from New York who created this organization the time of day? It couldn't possibly be because the reporter who wrote the story happens to be a wee bit prejudiced, could it? After all, he's pumping out negative Deval story after negative Deval story, despite the fact that the Globe is supposed to be neutral. Whatever... The Globe is an organization all to itself and sometimes individual writers are able to go against the grain (just look at the New York Times and Plamegate).

However, it truly saddens me to see alleged Democrats SWIFT BOATING other Democrats. It just goes to show you how necessary people-powered politics is: we can't trust today's insiders - even the Democrats. If people don't want government run by the people, we'll sweep them out of office. Deval Patrick's people-powered movement is terrifying the Massachusetts establishment, especially since he's currently winning. They'll do anything to crush him, including trying to destroy his reputation.

Well it won't work. Americans are sick of all the lies and corruption and people like David at BMG quickly route it out. That Ray guy thought he was going to pull a fast one on Massachusetts, but it only took David hours to dig up the truth. Kudos David - coming from someone who, once upon a time, was critical toward you on this very blog. I apologize for ever doubting your sincerity and or neutrality.

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