Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Tom Reilly's Fair Questions

Tom Reilly, in true Bush/Rove fashion, thinks Ray Rogers was asking "fair questions." So, when Ray essentially claims Deval is a murderer... that's a fair question. If questioning Deval over something that happened in Columbia is fair (something in which Coca-Cola was ruled innocent of and in which Deval left the company precisely because he wasn't allowed to investigate), I think it's time we ask Deval some other fair questions. So, inspired by Tom Reilly, I'm going to write to Deval Patrick to find out just what he had to do with other serious matters.

Dear Deval Patrick,

Recently Tom Reilly said that Ray Roger's accusations against you were "fair questions." That got me thinking... if you're responsible for what happened in Columbia, just what else is your fault? So, I have some real serious questions for you.

Did you cause the Big Dig? I'm sure you've driven through it on numerous occasions and all that wear and tear certainly hasn't helped it. Furthermore, you were the first to call for an independent investigation - so was it all convienent political timing, or did you actually cause it so it would benefit you in the future? Something seems fishy here...

Not answering? Well, how 'bout this: Everyone loves the Red Sox, but you're not really from Massachusetts. Born in Chicago, you must be a fan of one of the Chicago teams. And, if that's the case, I'm betting it's the White Sox. Well, last year they beat us in the playoffs... soundly. It was a rather embarrissing defeat... and I think you have some explaining to do. Are you also helping them be in the wildcard lead too? Huh? Are you? Are you?

Massachusetts politics has been almost devoid of powerful, female voices. However, here in your campaign there isn't a women running for the Corner Office. Not only do you not have a vagina, but you haven't even chosen to endorse one of the two women running for Lt. Governor. Explain yourself!

As you can see, Deval Patrick, there are a lot of mysterious situations surrounding you... and I'm not comfortable voting for you until I know just why. Tom's right, there are a lot of fair questions you need to be held accountable for. What did you have to do with the Big Dig? Are you somehow helping the Chicago White Sox? Why don't you have a vagina? Less than five weeks from the primary, enquiring minds want to know. Just like Tom Reilly said, there are some fair questions you need to answer!




Joe said...

I heard that Deval Patrick was trying to get Manny Ortez traded to the White Sox but John Kerry wouldn't have it....just rumours...

Ryan Adams said...


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