Tuesday, September 19, 2006

CBS Calling It? Deval Wins

I find it odd they'd call it so quickly, but it seems like they did. Maybe it was a mistake, because even with a big Deval lead so far, Springfield and Boston haven't reported a single district that I've seen yet. (Niether has New Bedford, Fall River, Lynn or Worcester.)

Don't get me wrong, it's looking *really* good - but I wouldn't have called it until at least 40% were reporting.

Update: they really did. Just saw it on TV. I saw it when they had 4% reporting.

Let's hope there's no repeat of Florida: 2000. (I doubt there will be, but I still think I'd have waited longer before I made it official).

Update: Tom Reilly gave his concession speech. If he campaigned with that tone, he could have won. He was really gracious and even joked about it ("we're just trying to crack 25%"). I really, truly appreciate Reilly's gesture of unity: that's exactly what we need to win. Thanks, Tom, for all your service and hard work. It's appreciated and won't be forgotten!


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