Friday, September 15, 2006

Chris Gabrieli = John Kerry

Like I said the other day, Kerry Healey really wants Chris Gabrieli as an opponent. She put out negative Gab ads to make it seem otherwise, encouraging support for Gabrieli. Voters are often uninformed, but rarely stupid. They certainly wouldn't vote against Chris Gabrieli in a primary because Kerry Healey told them so - and Kerry Healey is banking on that.

So, I just read this and was somewhat startled. Remember that little quote John Kerry said that pretty much killed him? Well, it turns out Chris Gabrieli was also 'for it before he was against it.'
Gabrieli said, ``I never say I'm actually against it." If the Legislature approved it, he added, ``I have not said I'd veto it."
He's referring to the in-state tuition bill for illegal immigrats - the one he was apparently for before he was against, but is really still for, even if he's against it. Isn't it easy to get why Republicans LOVE THESE KINDS OF CANDIDATES? What the polls say now about how Dems fair against Kerri Healey are almost meaningless; Healey wants to take on Chris Gabrieli for fairly obvious reasons: He's the type of candidate that's for things before he's against them.


Lynne said...

Nevermind he's using the wedge issue of the tuition bill in attack robocalls against Patrick (nevermind that Reilly also came out strongly for it, he's ignoring the guy in third place). So...which is it, Gabrieli??

Anonymous said...

I must say you guys are way to pro Patrick, he still wants illegals to get a break in tuition. First tell me why they diserve one, then tell me why they should have drivers licenses. People come to this country legaly and earn these thing these people should to. If you are going to tell me that it is not the illegals but there kids getting the break you are full of it, because it will be the illegal parents paying the tuition.

I must also say that I was undecided on who I was backing until the debate. Patrick has ideas with no substance or real plan, But does speak very well. That just tells me he a good sales person not a good Govorner, I would vote him in as car salesman.Riely, well thats dead. I must say Gabs is the only one worth my vote. As far as Healy's little trick, now your just grasping straws if you realy think her game plan was to attack Gabrieli so she could face him, thats far fetched.

Ryan Adams said...

There are pragmatic reasons on the tuition bill - it'll make UMASS millions in profits. Then there's the common sense, don't-punish-the-children-because-of-the-parents approach. I'm more inclined to support the tuition bill for pragmatic reasons.

As far as Kerry Healey's plans, it doesn't matter either way. We're going to beat her during the general, I just think the victory will be more resounding with Patrick. In summation, don't let HER words influence YOUR vote. This is the Democratic Convention, Republicans aren't invited.

Anonymous said...

You're being way too nice. Gabby isn't John Kerry, he's another Mitt Romney, an empty suit who just snaps his fingers and thinks we should just hand him power because, in his view, we're complete and utter morons and whatever he wants, he somehow deserves. God what a disgrace. I was supposed to work for the Coordinated Campaign, but after all of his bs, if it's him, god forbid, I just can't vote for him or work for him, he's truly repugnant. Luckily I don't think there are enough stupid people in Massachusetts to fall for this insipid pandering. OMG! There's an "illegal" in my backyeard--help me, Gabby! HELP ME!

The one thing I can say for Gabby is that he makes Reilly look like an unbelievable statesman in comparison. I like him much more now than I ever did just because Gabby has behaved so appallingly. Why would a man who didn't have a bad reputation before this campaign behave in such a disgusting and alienating fashion? I don't get it.

Anonymous said...

Patrick sucks, I always have been a good judge of people and I am never wrong. I would vote for the green party before I voted for him.
PATRICK VERY VERY BAD !!!! Does he still think that there is no such thing as racism. When asked on Keller at large if he believed in reverse Racism he stated that there is no such thing. So what that says is that there is no way his people can be racists. I grew up in the city , I had white friend and black friends. I knew racist people and some where black, either they did not like asians or they did not like whites. There were also white people who had been racist, but to say black people can not be racist just meens he is out of touch with the world unless he is one sidedand We dont need that.Go back to Chicago because you dont know this city. This is the world we live in so see it as it is.Nothing is perfect,never will be.

Anonymous said...

Oh god. Racism and prejudice are two different things. To experience racism means you're subject to systemized discrimination and oppressed by the dominant culture. Do African Americans, a small numerical minority in society, dominate society? No. Now, can African Americans be prejudiced, sure. Anyone can be prejudiced and have hatred or negativity against members of other groups. That's different from systemic racism.

This is getting pathetic, Ryan where are you advertising your blog? You need to attract a better quality of troll! lol

Joe said...

Yet another hope that I could bring myself to cross the aisle of voting dashed.

Every time I read your blog, I find myself voting for Healey more and more. I suppose thanks is deserved.

What's the freakin' point of having 3 people running if they're all the same person; it's like the episode of futurama where the 2 guys running for president were clones.

I understand why you stand where you do on the tuition bill though. I can respect that, but what I don't respect is all this arbitrary "this person is repugnant" and "that individual is physical incarnation of Lucifer the fallen angel." Whether it's directed at Mitt, or even Gabs and Deval...I'm just not seeing where it's all coming from. You anonymous's need to get the hate under control before you start sounding like one of my compatriots from Alabama.

Ryan Adams said...


"I always have been a good judge of people and I am never wrong."

That's usually the first sign of someone who's wrong a lot - the person who thinks they're never wrong.

"When asked on Keller at large if he believed in reverse Racism he stated that there is no such thing.

Patrick's answer was an educated answer - and here's why: racism infers a degree of power over those they would put down. Without that power, it's merely expressing prejudice. Since, even today, African Americans are rarely in the position to display that power over the majority, you can't really call it racism. Reverse prejudices? Sure. (bah - I just saw that another anon went with this answer, but I guess I'll leave mine to reinforce it.)

You anonymous's need to get the hate under control before you start sounding like one of my compatriots from Alabama.

LOL - I do agree that some liberal supporters can be very passionate with their feelings hehe.

Anonymous said...

John F. Kerry, 10 Louisburg Square, Boston MA 02108
Chris Gabrieli, 8 Louisburg Square, Boston MA 02108

If they're not identical, they're close.

Anonymous said...

joe, I'm sure you were thisclose to voting Democratic. Now that we've lost you, whatever will we do? If we can't pick up the state's 6 Republicans, and two of them are Healey and her running mate, which already puts us behind, we should all just go hide under our beds. Even Romney was nondelusional enough to know that he couldn't win without massive support from Democrats.

Yes, people's judgments on candidates do seem arbitrary, don't they? When someone does something, and someone else has certain reason why he/she doesn't like it and lists them, that's the definition of both arbitrariness and hate. The only way to free oneself from the taint of Alabama is to completely disconnect and sit staring into space thinking how alike everything is to everything else.

I'd just like to add that anyone who does perceive differences amongst the candidates is also a hater and belongs in Alabama. Because they're all human beings, so how could there be substantive differences amongst them? If joe doesn't see it, it isn't there, and we should all vote for Healey.

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