Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Don't Take the Polls Lightly

While it's always nice to be up in the polls - seeing Deval's name leading the pack in SUSA, Suffolk, State House and the Globe is certainly exciting - it's essentially meaningless. My biggest fear today is that Deval supporters are going to be over-confident, which could cost us the election. I don't want anyone thinking this today, "Oh, he's up 15% in the polls! I can take it easy on myself and skip voting," because it could just end up creating a Gabrieli victory. He has millions of dollars to spend, so if anyone doesn't think he's going to create a huge GOTV movement that could be right up there with Deval's volunteers, they're crazy. Gabrieli's campaign was flawed, but at some point if you just keep throwing cash out there you'll give yourself a chance. Don't give Gabrieli that chance. Go get out and vote!

It's essential. Everything is riding on this - the entire future of our state is on the line. There's such a fundamental difference between Deval Patrick and his opponents that we can't afford four more years of the same-old, same-old. We can't afford four years of the Good Old Boy Network, Republican or Democrat. Deval Patrick is fundamentally different and will breathe a fresh air on Beacon Hill; he'll shake up the GOB Network; he'll actually - you know - create inspiring change and display leadership with vision and charisma. There are politicians great at maintaining the status quo - Deval Patrick isn't one of them. What you get with Deval is real change for the better, which is exactly what this state needs. So get out, vote and make it happen!

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