Friday, September 08, 2006

Election Extravaganza

There's been so much coverage of last night's debate, one would almost think it was actually election day. But there's still more than a week yet. Consider this a guide to everything I could dig up. I'll add more as I read them.

Mass Marrier clearly has strong opinions about the debate. But, they're more subtle than the Blog for Cambridge, and Mass Marrier compared Tom to an Orc! Sco's helping Deval win Watertown and Charley doesn't mince words: Tom's campaign is dead. Then again, I said that in April.

The best part about all of this is the media's coverage. Scot Lehigh says it's a two man race, and he used to laud over Reilly. Derrick Jackson agrees. Jeff Jacoby weighs in too, but I don't link to plagiarists. There's oh so much more. Really, the Globe went nuts. I'm almost surprised they didn't have Bob Ryan weigh in.

Well, the Herald's Virginia Buckingham seemingly missed politics for sport; she thinks Tom Reilly would win in a fight - but not a political fight, the kind of fight that goes on in a back alley. Ginny, are they wearing boxing gloves? Is there a referee? (I certainly hope it's not Jeanne Shaheen, she couldn't even control clapping.) laughably, Howie Carr thought Reilly did swell - at least Ginny thought he was "too hot for TV." Luckily, Kim Atkins has a decent story on Reilly's attacks, but it's only worth reading if you missed the debate. Here's the Herald's favorite quotes of the night. (Note to readers: it probably isn't worth the bandwidth to read the Herald's debate coverage.)

Finally, here's the transcript and the actual video (H/T MassMarrier).

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